Course Descriptions

Biblical Theology

BA THROUGH THE BIBLE. This series of courses presents a systematic scheduled reading throughout all 66 books of the Bible. From these courses the student learns to be at home in the Bible, to count it as necessary daily food, to be familiar with the beauty and harmony of its total message, and to build a sure foundation for comparing Scripture with Scripture and rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

BB BIBLE MEMORIZATION. These courses offer an effective exegetical system for committing the content of selected Bible books and key Bible passages to memory for accurate interpretation, retention, spiritual comprehension, growth and ministry. The BB assignments are coordinated with BC assignments in alternate school quarters.

BC BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. This course sequence provides direct in-depth study, personal application and retention of one or more books in the Bible assigned in alternate school quarters. The approach is expositional with accent given to spiritual comprehension and application of the Bible message.

BD BIBLE EXPOSITION. These studies present the spiritual prerequisites and the methodology needed for effective Bible study and its exposition. Included in these courses are guidance, principles, examples, exercises, aids and inspirational reference materials important to the Bible student for Bible exposition.

BE BIBLE EXEGESIS. These courses introduce the student to Biblical Greek and Hebrew. They include the grammar, word studies, use of the interlinear Bible, the analytical lexicon and other exegetical tools. The faithful Hebrew Masoretic Text and Greek Textus Receptus (Majority Text behind the KJV) are the language sources used in these studies.

Systematic Theology

SA BIBLE DOCTRINES. The course series presents an overview of many basic Bible themes plus concentrated studies in the major Bible doctrines basic to a mature understanding of the Bible’s message.

SB SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY. This sequence of courses builds upon the foundations laid in SA Bible doctrines. They include in-depth studies in Bibliology, Theology, Angelology, Anthropology, Harmartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Christology, Pneumatology, and related doctrines.

SC HISTORICAL THEOLOGY. These courses present a comprehensive theological history of the ages. The history of the Church is dealth with a length plus the long conflict of the ages between God and Satan ending in the final victory and vindication of God, His sovereignty, grace and truth.

SD APOLOGETICS. These studies set forth evidences from nature, history, science, personal experiences and sanctified reason leading to an undeniable confirmation of the Christian faith. The deceiver’s seductions of unbelief against the great truths of God’s Word are thus systematically exposed and struck down.

Practical Theology

PA SPIRITUAL LIFE. These studies offer the Bible’s keys to victorious, Spirit filled living. Many are beingdeceived today on this subject because of false unbiblical teachings. Included are courses on sanctification, prayer, devotion, humility, identification, the cross, the resurrection life and much more.

PC BIBLICAL COUNSELING. These courses are designed to prepare Bible believing Christians for the ministry of counseling in the local church and beyond. Included are studies on the principles, techniques, and processes in counseling that are clearly consistent with the Bible along with case histories and answers needed to do this work effectively in the blessing and power of God’s Spirit.

PE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. These courses are designed for those involved in or contemplating an educational ministry in the local church, Christian day school, home school, or another educational ministry to different age groups. Attention is given to the history of Christian education, educational philosophy, principles, organization, teaching and administrative process essential to an effective Biblical, Spirit led educational ministry. The textbooks and assignments are carefully individualized to meet each student’s needs in his or her field of specialization.

PK FIELD TECHNOLOGY. These courses provide technical training for various ministries in the local church or a secular field. The opportunities are endless for those who are willing and prepared through these studies. Attention is given to witnessing, soul winning, prayer work, counseling, visitation, Christian leadership, management, and other areas of Christian service. The textbooks and instruction are individualized to each student’s stated interest.

PM MINISTERIAL THEOLOGY. These courses are designed for training pastors and others involved in or contemplating a position of ministerial leadership in the local church. Consideration is given to the person, calling and role of the pastor, to sermon preparation, expository preaching and teaching, evangelism, church planting, church renewal, visitation, counseling, administration, supervision, finance, and other subjects related to effective pastoral ministry and evangelism.

PY FIELD LABORATORY. This is a series of project assignments which gives the student an opportunity to put into practice the things learned in the other courses of his or her degree program. For pastors and teachers the projects may simply involve their present ministries. For others there are a variety of specialized part time or full time ministries available, such as: witnessing, tract distribution, personal or group evangelism, leading home Bible studies, backyard Bible clubs, child or youth work, counseling, visitation, and an endless number of other Christian service projects.

PZ THESIS PROJECTS. Advanced degree programs which require a thesis are identified in the curriculum tables along with the number of words required in each thesis. Each thesis shall be written on a subject related to the student’s degree major, have the written approval of the faculty, be a significant contribution to a Christian ministry and the student’s personal life, and be written according to instructions given in the Freelandia Institute bulletin on Thesis Writing. All theses, when submitted, become the property of Freelandia Institute.

Academic Affairs

School Calendar

You can begin your studies at any time and proceed at your own pace. There are four school quarters of 12 or more weeks (no less) in our school year. Written permission is required to lengthen the school quarter beyond 18 weeks. Degree students who study two hours a day can normally complete a school quarter in 12 weeks. Diploma students who study one hour a day can complete a school quarter in 12 weeks.


Hundreds of books on the subjects offered by Freelandia are being reviewed continually by the faculty. From these only the best are adopted for our courses. Thus our textbooks cover the subject matter of each course faithfully and in detail. They are Bible centered, edifying, practical and easy to understand. A Student Handbook is also issued to guide each student step by step in his or her training. Thus, every care is taken to insure the best training equipment for an enjoyable and successful completion of the student’s specific degree or diploma program.

All textbooks required in our undergraduate programs (Counselor through Bachelor) are loaned free of charge except for the Scofield Reference Bible (original edition). These books may be returned to our library in the same new condition in which they were loaned. However, the student is encouraged to keep them for his/her personal library for they are too valuable to let go. In this case only a modest contribution sufficient to cover our replacement costs is required.

All textbooks required in our graduate degree programs (Master or Doctor) including the Scofield Reference Bible (original edition) are not loaned to the student. They are to be kept by the student for his/her personal library as reference and future study. Only a modest contribution sufficient to cover our replacement costs is required.

To protect the library from losses a deposit is required of all students (both undergraduate and graduate) which will be promptly refunded only upon completion of a degree or diploma program less costs due for any losses to the library. The amount of this deposit is given on the enrollment form.

Course Procedure

Six or seven course assignments along with instructions and textbooks are issued to the student at the beginning of each new school quarter. For degree students each assignment requires 24 hours of study (2 college credits) and a short progress report. For diploma students each assignment requires 12 hours of study (1 Bible institute credit) and a short progress report. The progress reports are graded and the results are mailed to the student. These reports provide the school with a valid spiritual and academic measure of the student’s progress thus eliminating the need for further tests or exams.

Thesis Requirements

For thesis requirements see Course Descriptions, PZ Thesis Projects.

Grading System

A (4.0) = Excellent
B (3.0) = Superior
C (2.0) = Good
D (1.0) = Passing
E (0.0) = Failing
I Incomplete

The grade symbols A through E indicate the quality of the student’s work in a course. The grade I requires further work to receive credit. A grade point average of 2.00 is required for the Counselor through the Bachelor degree. A grade point average of 3.00 is required for the Master of Doctorate degree.

Transfer Credit

Course credits earned at other recognized post secondary schools are accepted at full value to the extent that those courses are comparable to Freelandia’s stated requirements. When making application for enrollment, request the schools from which you want to transfer credit to mail OFFICIAL transcripts to us for evaluation. Or copies of transcripts in your possession can be sent for evaluation when you apply for enrollment. In this case you will then have 90 days before the requested offcial transcripts are required to be on file in our Admissions Office.

Enrollment Procedure

To enroll in any of our programs simply fill out and mail in the Enrollment Form included on our website. No application fee is necessary. As a token of sincerity, a small deposit to the School Library is required as indicated on the Enrollment Form. This deposit will be refunded if for any reason you are not accepted as a student.

Each applicant shall give witness to new birth and surrender to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Freelandia welcomes applications from spiritually qualified Christians regardless of denomination, age, sex, race or country.