Program Requirements

Six majors are offered by Freelandia: Biblical Studies, Biblical Theology, Ministerial Theology, Christian Education, Biblical Counseling or Career Ministries. In any of these majors a degree can be earned from the first year level on though the doctorate level. Or a diploma can be earned from the first year through the fourth year levels.

Overseas Students. Important NOTICE! Only degree programs are available to overseas students and these are limited to the following majors: (1) Biblical Studies, (2) Ministerial Theology, and (3) Christian Education.

Program Prerequisites. The only prerequisite to our first year degree (or diploma) programs is admission to the student body. Satisfactory completion of an equivalent program major of the preceding year level is required for programs beyond the first year.

Graduation Requirements. Candidates for a degree or diploma must have completed the required course work with a grade point average of 2.00 (Counselor through Bachelor) or 3.00 (Master and Doctorate). They must also evidence a high level of Christian character and commitment to the purposes, doctrines and standards of Freelandia Bible College and Seminary.

Diploma Programs. For those who have no need for a degree or college credits a Freelandia Bible Institute diploma can be earned at the first year through the fourth year levels in any program major. The same courses and textbooks will be assigned as assigned to degree students but the required hours of study are cut in half for diploma students. Also no PY laboratory courses will be required. Our diploma programs are available only in the USA and Canada.