Word from the President

Approved Unto God 2 Timothy 2:15

God seeks men and women trained in His Word who will proclaim it accurately and in spiritual power. Freelandia prepares such men and women of God.

Since our beginning in 1969 the quality of Freelandia’s faculty and Bible centered programs has gained the respect and worldwide accreditation of over 1000 churches. Freelandia’s programs cover the Bible institute level and all the way through the doctorate degree level. Six major fields of study are offered for personal growth and for ministries in the local church, Christian school, and witness beyond in the secular world. The Faculty and Board are fully committed to the biblical faith of the early church and the infallibility and final authority of every word of Scripture as preserved in the Authorized King James Version of 1611. Our educational procedures, programs and courses stand uncompromisingly upon the Word of God. As President of Freelandia Bible College and Seminary, I invite you to consider the educational advantages offered to you by Freelandia. For you who qualify for admission, a rewarding time of preparation awaits plus a lifetime of fruitfulness for the glory of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. We receive thousands of testimonies each year and look forward to yours, when you too become a student.

Dr. D.R.Shoemaker, President