What are our graduates saying about us?

 “Freelandia Bible College and Seminary is not just a seminary like other prophesying seminaries that has no backgrounds, materials qualified lectures, sound doctrinal teaching, fear of God, humility and Christ centred life. I trust Freelandia because she has all the qualities you can think about and she is ready to train those who are also ready to learn. She is the only school I can go with and wear her name on the neck as gold anywhere in the world.”
Nwagbo Longinus Emenike from Nigeria, Africa.

“I would to express my heartfelt gratitude to Freelandia Bible College & Seminary and Staff for all your generous effort and hard work and for the free materials and free education you offered to me.”
Edgardo M. Labid from The Philippines.

“Honestly, I am still taking in the reality of the fact that such a bundle of treasure came at no financial cost to me, just to help prepare me to become somebody God can count on. How else can I respond to this great Christian benevolence but to commit myself more than ever before to the programme and objective for which the great investment was made.”
Paul Okonkwo Okolie from Nigeria, Africa. 

“But praise God that Freelandia Bible College through free scholarship could miraculously be my answer – God willing.”
Vedaste Nzayabino from Republic of South Africa.

“I can’t help but love the studies that I am assigned and find myself being taken deeper and deeper in my faith.”
Donna L. Potter from New York

.“Appointed into the highest governing body of the Ministry. This is a result of your investment upon my life, family and Ministry. God blessed us with a bouncing baby girl, named SUCCESS.”
Pastor Eje-lowe-icho from West Africa.

“I have tried to study elsewhere in recent times, but soon realized that there was something fundamentally wrong: it was of course the humanist approach the particular institute had adopted in order to ‘educate’ their students. Now I’m doing what I should have done from the beginning.”
Graham Botha from the U.S.A.

“Promise, deliver, impart positively to my congregation for the sound knowledge acquired from you.”
Charles David Elijah from Ghana, Africa

“Freelandia has “become a channel of blessing to over one million students around the globe”
Peter Ayegba from Kaduna, Africa